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Merthyr Tydfil

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Tel: 01495 222214

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Accused of a Crime?

Victim of a Crime?

Before you 'say anything' speak to one of our experienced Criminal Law Practitioners

Criminal law can be extremely complex and the conduct of a criminal law case requires experience, specialisation and sound judgement. There are fundamental changes at least annually and what you thought were your rights and civil liberties may have changed or may no longer exist. At any time the 'criminal law' could impact upon your life suddenly and without warning.

What would you do?

Motorists can find themselves before the courts for a host of offences. The consequences of disqualification or even prison can ruin lives. Even simple penalty points can affect your insurance policy with substantial financial repercussions. We have an excellent record of successfully defending drink/drive cases and generally helping clients avoid penalty points and disqualification.

Most people would not dream of fixing a gas leak themselves yet many people try and fix their criminal cases without advice, regardless of the risk.

Turn to us first. You are in safe hands.

There are lots of barrack room lawyers who will guess at the law for your benefit. Others will want you to believe what they have to say for their own purposes - don't listen to them. Take specialist advice from qualified and experienced practitioners.

People are often accused of serious offences. The speed of events from accusation onwards can be frightening. They do not know or understand what's going on let alone who to trust or turn to.

Turn to us. We are here to help you.

We have 10 experienced and specialist criminal lawyers on our team including:

We deal with all types of cases regardless of gravity, scale and complexity and have the respect of all the agencies in the criminal justice system.

We cover police stations throughout South Wales on a 24 hour basis every day of the year - without exception.

We have someone available at the end of a phone 24 hours a day every day of the year - without exception.

We believe you will not find a better team of criminal lawyers anywhere - without exception.

There is no doubt that in consulting us - whatever the time of day or night - you could not be in safer hands - without exception

Human nature leads many people to want to co-operate with police enquiries. By all means do so but only after you have taken legal advice from us.

The best advice anyone can have is not to discuss things with anyone until they have spoken to their lawyer. It's your right to consult your lawyer. Your liberty, livelihood and good name could be at stake - consult us.

We can be contacted in person or by phone at our offices Monday to Friday between 9am-5pm, or by e-mail. The police can contact us directly from any police station at any hour of the day or night so that we can advise you in private. Why take a chance?

Helpful Hints

Legal aid remains available for many offences after charge subject to means.

Legal aid is available for all interviews under caution at the police station. There is no reason not to have advice during a police interview. Cost is not an issue for you - it's free for all.

At any police station you can at least speak to your lawyer over the phone if not in person. You should treat with utmost suspicion any suggestion this cannot happen. Do not agree to be interviewed until you have spoken to your lawyer. Remember, the various other people in your case have a standpoint which is bound to be different to yours. What they tell you reflects that.

Planning ahead

If you think there is a possibility that the police may want to speak to you or there may be proceedings don't wait to see what happens, get some basic advice from us first. It is plainly in your best interests to be prepared for anything which could be put to you and have your solicitor lined up - it levels the playing and greatly increases the prospects of a favourable outcome.

Department Contacts

Crown Court Department

  • Nathan Fear - Head of Crown Court Department
  • Michelle Thomas - F.C.I.L.Ex.


  • Anthony Parker - Accredited Police Station Representative
  • Robert Withers - Accredited Police Station Representative
  • Jeanette Jones - Support


  • Nathan Fear - Higher Courts Criminal Advocate
  • Llyr Williams - Head of Department and Higher Courts Criminal Advocate
  • Frank Whittle - Solicitor
  • Gareth Morgan - Solicitor
  • Paul Lewis - Solicitor
  • Emma Haines - Support
  • Cathy Williams - Support
  • Gaynor Brown - Support

Merthyr Tydfil

  • Michelle Thomas - F.C.I.L.Ex.
  • Nadine Cowdell - Higher Courts Criminal Advocate
  • Dorcas Cox - Support
  • Louise Moule - Support